Asia Pacific Sales & Distribution Network

Our established network of team members and partners across SE Asia covers all aspects from initial market analysis, regulatory registration, logistics, marketing, and sales. All based on a proven process. Supplement sales in Asia are still very retail driven, and most brands that focuses online miss out on a large part of the sales opportunity. These markets are complex to enter, but it’s well worth the effort in sales volume. 

Asia Pacific is the epicentre of growth for Health Products and Supplements

Your Expansion Partner

As your Asia-Pacific distribution partner, The Bakery Health will assist you in entering this market with minimal effort and expenditurethanks to our experience in marketing, logistics, and regulatory compliance in the region. We have team members and agents in each market who are well-versed with different cultural norms and legal requirements. Entering a new market is always a challenge, even for the most successful companies in the Western Market. When it comes to Asia, there are a few extra hurdles to overcome. That is why it is so important to partner with a regional distributor who understands the ins and outs of the Asian market. Let us help you succeed!

Asia Market Overview

As the middle class grows, beauty, women’s health, weight management, and energy/endurance and alertness supplements are growing in popularity. Traditional Chinese herbs have dominated this region for 200 years, but Western supplements are slowly displacing them.

Now consumers are willing to pay for concentrated nutrition and supplements as they take charge of their health with preventive supplements.

Factors driving the dietary supplement market's expansion in Asia.

The Asia Pacific nutritional supplements market is estimated to increase 6.1% between 2022 and 2030, reaching US$150 billion. Natural foods, vitamins, and dietary additives help Asians live better lives.

Asia’s middle class is expanding quickest. 3.5 billion Asians will be middle-class by 2030, up from 2 billion in 2020. Middle-class membership in the Americas will reach 647 million in 2020 and 689 million in 2030.

The working population struggles to achieve daily nutrient demands due to changing lifestyles and tight work schedules, increasing reliance on handy and easy-to-consume supplements.

Asia’s disposable income will expand quickest during 2019-2040. The world’s highest savings rate is 25% of disposable income among high-income consumers.

“Look after your best customers and they
will look after you.

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