Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Population: 7.4 million people.
Opportunity for Vitamin and Mineral Growth in Hong Kong

Hong Kong buyers are brand-conscious and prefer foreign brands. Consumers choose “Made in the USA.

Many Chinese tourists assume Hong Kong-imported supplements are authentic and better. Chinese tourists buy supplements in Hong Kong as gifts or to resell in China. Although Hong Kong only imported US$11million worth of vitamins in 2019, Euromonitor estimates that sales of vitamins and dietary supplements grew 2.7 percent to US$722 million. Online sales feature prominently as consumers purchase dietary supplements through online sites or directly on the websites of U.S. brands.Brands that focus on probiotics and multivitamins fare well. Popular supplements include collagen, calcium, omega oils, vitamin C, B Complex, E, A & D, cod liver oil, and glucosamine.

People’s Points of View

According to a Rakuten Insight survey conducted in March 2022, approximately 69 percent of respondents said they used dietary supplements. Only 1% of those polled had no idea what dietary supplements were. 79 percent of those who took dietary supplements said they did so to improve and strengthen their immune system. Meanwhile, 27% used dietary supplements to improve their skin, hair, and nails, and half of those who used dietary supplements said they bought them from speciality health food stores.

Retail Industry Sales in the Hong Kong

Around 36% of respondents purchased supplements from pharmacies.

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Capture the Opportunity

These markets are complex to enter, and many have failed. Our established network of team members and partners covers all aspects from initial market analysis, regulatory registration, logistics, marketing, and sales. All based on a proven process. Supplement sales in Asia are still very retail driven, and most brands that focuses online miss out on a large part of the sales opportunity.

“Look after your best customers and they
will look after you.